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  • Wi-Fi codes are posted in your room or you can call us by dialing 100 from the phone in your room
  • Wake-up calls - If you wish to be woken at certain time, please contact reception. You will be telephoned at the required time
  • For guests with special requirements, please feel free to discuss your specific needs with reception staff.Departure• Our departure times is 11:00 am on the morning of departure.  
  • Luggage -  You may store your luggage with us free of charge.


• Please contact reception if you would like to reserve transport to the airport or would like information on public transport.Housekeeping• All bedrooms are serviced daily by our professional and highly trained staff.
• If you do not wish to avail of room service please notify reception or hang out the No disturb sign outside your bedroom door.
• If in the interests of the environment should you wish to re-use towels, please hang them up, however should you require fresh towels please leave them on the bathroom floor and the house-keeping staff will replace.
• Iron and ironing boards are provided for use throughout the house on each floor, kindly return once iron has cooled down.

Instructions for telephone use

• To contact reception during the hours of 8:00am to 10pm: - Dial 100 or 120Night Porter from 10pm to 8am: - Dial 100 To get an outside line: - Dial 0
• To make a local call: - Dial 0 + Local number.
• To make an international call: Dial 0 + 00 + Country code + Area code +

Fire Safety

If you discover a fire

  • To raise alarm dial 100 for reception. Tell receptionist/night porter location of fire OR break the glass of the nearest fire alarm point (located on each landing).
  • Refer to the fire escape route displayed on the wall or behind your door inside your room.
  • In the event of a fire, emergency lighting will guide you along this route

If the fire alarm sounds:

  • Continuous sounding of the alarm signals an emergency. Vacate building immediately via the escape route referred to above.
  • If your escape route is impeded by fire return immediately to your room closing all doors between yourself and the fire.
  • The fire-safety doors will provide sufficient protection from the fire and permit time for the Emergency Services to implement rescue procedures.

Fire Assembly

This address is 2 door to your left hand side on exiting this building.
Guests should remain until roll-call has been completed.

Telephone Rates

• At the moment all calls charges vary depending on time and destination of calls.  
• If you require more detailed information please contact reception.
• If you wish to receive outside calls please ask your caller to dial (01) 6612819 and give your name and room number to the receptionist.
•It is possible to make internal calls between rooms, please contact reception for instructions.